Shaun Pulsifer (he/him) immigrated to Canada from the United States in 2006 and lives in Calgary, Alberta, with his partner Ken Drysdale. Shaun was raised in a military family and grew up across the United States and in Great Britain. Shaun is currently an online student at The Los Angeles Film School pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Digital Filmmaking. He will graduate in July 2022.

Shaun is motivated to run for the Green Party of Canada with a vision to see his community thrive through its diversity and commitment to pursuing imagination and creativity by supporting the arts community. He believes in protecting the environment and following the science of climate change is essential to seeing Canada thrive on the global stage.

Shaun is a creative man; he is a strong supporter of Canadian-made productions and believes that tax credits should be increased for film and television projects that are made by Canadians for Canadians. We are a creative people, and our imagination, which has no limits, should remain here first. So many have left to pursue their creative dreams because Hollywood North truly isn’t Hollywood North. Canada should be proud of its arts and music culture, and it is time for Canada to show that pride by encouraging those in the industry to stay and build a bright and flourishing future for Canadian Arts.

Shaun is the oldest of three siblings and is the second to pursue higher education. It hasn’t been an easy journey between working two jobs and the expense of attending school. He attends an online out-of-country school because his desired degree is unavailable in the form

that works for his life. He believes that education should be accessible to all. If the pandemic has shown us online learning is practical and it works. Higher education should be affordable

and shouldn’t require a student to go into debt. Education should be available to everyone regardless of income and background.

Shaun is an active participant at Friends Church in Calgary. He is part of the Live Streaming team, which live streams the weekly services on YouTube. Shaun and his partner are also in the early stages of looking into adoption to begin growing their family. Shaun enjoys going to the mountains in his spare time, where he feels one with the earth. Shaun also enjoys spending time with his friends and family.